Friday, February 20, 2015

Argentina 2014
100th Anniversary of the First Indirect Blood Transfusion

ISSUE DATE: 10 November 2014
THEME:Blood Transfusion
SIZE: 67 x 28 mm

On November 9, 1914 took place the first hint blood transfusion in the world after extensive testing by Dr. Luis Agote is done to preserve anticoagulated blood for later use. This procedure was a success.

Dr. Luis Agote (2nd from right) overseeing one of the first safe and effective blood transfusion in 1914.

Direct transfusions were not practiced at the beginning of the 20th century because it was impossible to keep unaltered blood outside the body for later use. After 6–12 minutes, coagulation begins manifested initially by a gradual increase of viscosity that terminates with almost complete solidification. Coagulation is the defense of an organism to staunch wounds and minimize hemorrhages. Now we know that clotting is almost totally formed by platelets fastened by a network of filaments of fibrin.

Luis Agote (September 22, 1868 – November 12, 1954) was an Argentine physician and researcher. He was one of the first to perform a non-direct blood transfusion using sodium citrate as an anticoagulant. The procedure took place in Rawson hospital in the city of Buenos Aires on November 9, 1914. Agote was the first to perform this procedure in the Americas.

Stamp presents portrait of Dr. Luis Agote. Graphic synthesis process transfusion of blood and the circulatory system. Heart with the inscription 100 years and sentence: 100 years of the first indirect blood transfusion in the world. / 100 años de la primera transfusión indirecta de sangre en el mundo.

Stamp image thanks to Correo Argentino

Correo Argentino