Friday, February 20, 2015

Argentina 2014
Centenary of birth of Eleodoro Ergasto Marenco

 :: THEME: Centenary of birth Eleodoro Ergasto Marenco
  :: NOMINAL VALUE: 5.00 $
   :: ISSUE DATE: 14 July 2014
    :: STAMP SIZE: 34mm x 44mm
     :: PERFORATIONS: 14 by 14

The brilliant artist Eleodoro Ergasto Marenco was born in Buenos Aires on July 13, 1914. With innate talent and passion investigated, drew, painted and sculpted Argentina tradition and history for over 60 years. His artistic inclination was born in rural experiences of his childhood pictures stored in its memory, which appeared with increasing sharpness in his drawings and paintings, when the artistic maturity was enhanced with the maturity of man.

Marenco relentlessly pursued perfection of strokes. A thorough historical research preceded his works in pencil, charcoal, pen, tempera, watercolors and oils. With the courage of self committed to their land and the desire to portray faithfully traces of the past, the profile of each era and each character got their jobs are being transformed into real documents, even today, acme and undisputed source consultation for all those who seek historical rigor.

The horse and horseman were two of its main themes in the many facets of the gaucho, the Indian, the soldier.

Stamp images thanks to Correo Argentino
Correo Argentino