Friday, February 20, 2015

Argentina 2014
Aviation - Centenary of the Death of Jorge Newbery

 :: THEME: Centenary of the Death of Jorge Newbery
  :: NOMINAL VALUE: 4.50 $
   :: ISSUE DATE: 24 March 2014
    :: STAMP SIZE: 44mm x 34mm
     :: PERFORATIONS: 14 by 14

100 años del fallecimiento de Jorge Newbery

Jorge "George" Newbery, born Jorge Alejandro Newbery (Buenos Aires 29 May 1875 – Mendoza Province 1 March 1914), was an Argentine aviator, civil servant, engineer and scientist of North American descent. His father, Ralph Newbery (a dentist born in 1848), emigrated from Long Island to Argentina after the American Civil War (in which he is said to have taken part in the Battle of Gettysburg). Along with Alberto Braniff and Jorge Chávez, Jorge Newbery was one of the first Latin American aircraft pilots. He was also an engineer, and is considered to be the architect and founder of the Argentine Air Force.

Stamp images thanks to Correo Argentino
Correo Argentino