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Argentina 2014
Fiestas Populares VII

 :: THEME: Agricultura, Cueva de las Manos, Del Mate, Del tren a vapor
  :: NOMINAL VALUE: 5.00 $
   :: ISSUE DATE: 29 September 2014

    :: SIZE: 34mm x 44 mm

"The Argentina celebrates its traditional festivals and Correo Argentino accompanied, as every year, with the impression themed stamps each celebration, showing the spirit of these national celebrations," said a statement from ANL Correo Argentino announce the launch.

Thus, since the seventh series of stamps illustrating this time, the national holidays of Agriculture, the Cueva de las Manos, Mate and Steam Train was put into circulation.

Feast of Agriculture in the province of Santa Fe
The 2014 edition of the National Day of Agriculture took place on 6, 7 and 8 September in the city of Santa Fe Esperanza.

Festival de la Cueva de las Manos, en la provincia de Santa Cruz
Every year during the first week of February, is celebrated in Perito Moreno Cueva de las Manos Festival, an event to honor the main attraction available to the town.

Cave of the Hands

La Cueva de las Manos is an archaeological site located in the canyon valley of the Upper Rio Pinturas having one of the manifestations of rock art most significant of Patagonia. In her hands painted in negative images of guanacos, geometric patterns, lines, points and observed figures representing the sun, works created 9300 years ago by the Tehuelches Indians and their predecessors. The 1999 was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Mate National Party in the province of Entre Rios
In 1995 he was declared the national holiday, the only one in that range that has the entrerriana capital. Every February is performed in the city of Paraná.

National Steam Train Festival in the province of Chubut
Every year in the month of February in the mountain town of El Maitén, railway village spirit par excellence, workers of the historic "Trochita" a tribute is organized, claiming the effort and work that made those pioneers. 

Stamp images thanks to Correo Argentino

Correo Argentino