Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ireland (Éire) 2014
Science Gallery & BT
Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

ISSUE DATE: 7 January 2015
STAMP SIZE: 29.79mm x 40.64mm
COLOUR: Three colour with phosphor tagging
LAYOUT: Sheetlets of 16
PRINTER: Irish Security Stamp Printing Ltd.
An Post PRODUCT No.: 150168ST

The first commemorates the BT Young Scientist Exhibition which is the annual school students' science competition that has been held in Dublin every January since 1965. 

One of the biggest and most successful schools competitions of its kind in the world, the BT Young Scientist Exhibition is designed to encourage interest in science amongst primary and secondary school students throughout Ireland. The event is hugely popular, 2014 was the 50th year of the competition and it attracted its highest number of entries yet, over 2,000 of them, 550 of which were selected for the exhibition at the Royal Dublin Society.

The second stamp celebrates the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin 2 which is a public science centre and a truly unique place where “science and art collide”. There are no permanent exhibitions here but a year-round calendar of the most creative, innovative and artistic science presentations and lectures which means there is always something new to see.

The two stamps were designed by top Dublin design house Detail. The first, commemorating the BT Young Scientist Exhibition, is based on the story of the UCD researchers, Father Tom Burke and Doctor Tony Scott, who organised the first exhibition. They were inspired when, in New Mexico, they met a boy who had built a rocket for an upcoming science fair and this rocket is depicted on the stamp.

The design concept behind the Science Gallery stamp is based on a pattern interpretation of the circle and square of the gallery’s logo. These are made up of smaller circles and squares to give a sense of movement, explosion, celebration and activity.