Wednesday, March 18, 2015

South Korea 2013
Korean-Made Characters 3rd Series

 :: THEME: Korean-Made Characters 3rd Series 
  :: DENOMINATIONS: 10 x 270 Won
   :: ISSUE DATE: 12 March 2013
    :: DESIGN: Jaeyong Shin 

As the third installment of the Korean-Made Characters Series, Robocar Poli is introduced following the introduction of Pucca and Pororo, The Little Penguin. In the Brooms Town where diverse cars live together, every time an accident, big or small, occurs, Robocar Poli and his rescue team appear to rescue their friends. Poli, the police car which is the leader of the rescue team, Roy, the brawny fire truck, Amber, the kind ambulance which administers first-aid, Helly, a helicopter which is curious and fond of adventures, Dumpoo, a dump truck which is always sincere, Cab, a taxi which is a showoff but considers keeping order very important, Posti the post car which thinks sending and receiving letters is a cool thing to do, Spooki a tow truck which always likes to play, Schoolbi, the school bus which is fond of children, and Cleani, a cleaning car which is timid but always works as planned. 

They all live together and learn how to yield to each other and put others before himself/herself. An animation project born in March 2011, Robocar Poli was released as 700 or so of character products, and was selected, in and out of Korea, as excellent contents.

Designated as a partner of UN WFP (United Nations World Food Programme), it has been engaged in activities designed to provide relief for children suffering from famine, as well as in the global social contribution programs aimed at strengthening traffic safety training of children around the world. Starting from those in France in 2012, Robocar Poli is now making friends with kids from around the world. This stamp, to be issued in the form of a self-adhesive stamp, introduces, using 10 stamps, those friends appearing in the Robocar Poli animation. Featured in the sheet are rescue team members Poli, Roy, Amber, Helly, as well as the rescue team operator Jene. Also included are various stickers that can be used to decorate the stamp.

Title: Korean-Made Characters 3rd
Date of Issue: 12 March 2013
Quantity: 250 000 stamps each
Printing Process & Colors: Photogravure, six colors
Sheet Composition: 5 x 2
Paper: 13
Printer: Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation
Types: 10 
Denomination: 270 won
Stamp No.: 2897 
Size of Stamp: 30mm
Image Area: 30mm X 37mm
Perforation: 13
Designer: Jaeyong SHIN