Wednesday, March 18, 2015

South Korea 2013
Information Day

 :: THEME: Information Day
  :: DENOMINATIONS: 4 x 270 Won
   :: ISSUE DATE: 22 April 2013
    :: DESIGN: MO Ji-won

April 22, 2013 is the "Information and Communication Day." The rapid development of communication technology has dramatically changed the world. The "pony express" and "signal fire" have evolved into the postal system, telegraphic communication and telephone, computer, wired/wireless communication, and satellite communications, expanding our spheres of life to a remarkable extent.

As shown by the Internet, created by the splendid imaginations of two persons to transform the world, as well as by the emergence of smart phones which became another new watershed, the combination of the power of human imagination with innovative technologies is leading mankind to a new progression day by day. The meeting of imagination or creativity with technologies is creating economic wealth, which in turn is naturally enabling our lives to become more prosperous. The "creative economy," pursued by the new government is being seen as transforming Korean economy's physical constitution into a leading/creative economy away from existing growth mechanisms of mere copying/mimicking.

Specifically, the creative economy creates new, added values through convergence among different industries and between industries and culture, with creativeness regarded as the core value of the economy, as well as based on the convergence between science technology and ICT (information and communication technology), creates new, high-quality jobs, and ultimately strengthens the nations growth potential.

Title: Information Day 
Date of Issue: 2013-04-22 
Quantity: 500,000 stamps each 
Design: Science technology 
Printing Process & Colors: Photogravure, six colors 
Sheet Composition: 5 x 4 
Paper: 13 
Printer: Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
Types: 4 
Denomination: 270 won
Stamp No.: 2912
Size of Stamp: 30mm
Image Area: 30mm X 40mm 
Perforation: 13
Designer: MO Ji-won