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Austria 2015 - Euro Vision Song Contest Vienna 2015

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After the brilliant victory of Conchita Wurst in 2014 Austria is now the venue for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2015. On the occasion of this major event brings Austrian Post issued a special stamp that shows the logo of this year's vocal competition.

Since 1956, this music competition, held annually by the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union. Thus, the 2015 is a very special: The Song Contest takes place this year for the 60th time instead - much nicer that this anniversary will be celebrated in Austria. Ever - 1967 - was the "Grand Prix de la chanson", as he was then called, held in Austria. Sandy Shaw, the barefoot singer from the UK, then won the contest with her song "Puppet on a String". The year before enthusiastic "our" Udo Jürgens in his third-shows, the audience and was with "Merci Cherie" first win victory for Austria and thus bring the song contest in his home. For him, that meant the international breakthrough and the beginning of an unparalleled career.

Other countries, however, were far more successful in Song Contest as Austria. Unchallenged at the top of the list of winners is Ireland with a total of seven wins, followed by France, Luxembourg, Sweden and the United Kingdom with five. Many famous - or previously unknown - Artists occurred already at the song contest, such as ABBA, Céline Dion, Cliff Richard, France Gall, Nicole Vicky Leandros or. Johnny Logan won for Ireland even twice as a singer and as a composer once, making it the most successful participating artists. The trophy of the singing competition gets way, not the singer or singer, but the composer or the composer of the winning song.

A special feature was the Song Contest of 1969, which was held in Spain. As many as four countries had at the end of the same amount of points and thus became winners: Spain, the UK, the Netherlands and France. Today, there are regulations for such special cases - the rules for participation and the evaluation of the songs was changed in the history of the event several times. The number of participants increased from year to year, it is now preliminaries, in which the artists have to qualify for the final. To ensure the most objective and fair assessment, the points of a jury and the audience will be awarded jointly by televoting. The audiences are enormous: Around 150 million people worldwide each year tremble with their favorites.

The subject of the special stamp shows the dynamic logo for Euro Vision Song Contest 2015 with the title "The Sphere". The slogan "Building Bridges" symbolized with the ball and the shaft connections and meetings as well as the entity that generated from the diversity, and the lived tolerance. Logo artwork derived from ORF subsidiary OMC (ORF Marketing and Creation).

As an Official Partner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Austrian Post has been granted extensive media, association, event and new media rights for the upcoming events in Austria. Amongst other activities, Austrian Post will show its support to the contest by branding a significant part of its fleet and postboxes across the whole of Austria.

Stamp images and description thanks to Austrian Post - Österreichische Post
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