Friday, March 27, 2015

Austria 2015 Stamp Issue
Austria in movement

  :: THEME: Austria in movement
   :: NOMINAL VALUE: 0.62€
    :: ISSUE DATE: 21 January 2015
     :: STAMP DESIGN: Nikolaus Schmidt

Together with the daily newspaper "Die Presse" organized by the Austrian Post a stamp competition on "Austria in movement: social change as a positive possibility of change". A jury, which was composed of experts from the "Press" and philately, opted for the presented here motif with a prize, a comprehensive report in the daily newspaper "Die Presse" as well as a presentation at the Austria'14 Gala was doped. 

The major changes in the Western world in the last centuries such as the industrial revolution, the hard way from monarchy to democracy, medical progress or technical achievements in the area of ​​mobility and communication brought about radical social and cultural upheavals. 

The consumer society was born, opened the economic goals for women, relaxed and liberalized moral attitudes. The introduction of the home computer and the Internet ushered in an era of information and communication

Austria also look back on a very eventful times: From the mighty Habsburg Empire, it shrank to an environment of massive poverty postwar Austria, whose population at the same time celebrated the Roaring Twenties, in the 1930s, but finally returned back to prudery. 

The connection to the Nazi regime demoralized Austrian society and also meant a momentous cultural turning point. After a period marked by the occupying powers post-war period, the country gradually recovered and finally experienced the so-called economic miracle of the Fifties: A new middle class emerged, investments were possible, acquired first television and made first holiday trips to Italy. The emancipated youth culture rapidly, the invention of the contraceptive pill was the triggers of a sexual revolution and allowed women more self-determination. In the 1980s, established an increased environmental awareness, which in the 1970s was an issue since at least the major oil crisis. Conserving natural resources while promoting economic growth, is one of the tasks has to face the Austrian society; an increase in the quality of life, the adaptation of the labor market and the preservation of our social security are more fundamental challenges for the modern Austria. 

For the subject of the special stamp the text was "Austria 62 cents" by design change itself to artistic content. The dynamics of the lines and shapes creates movement and intensifies the viewing, the color scheme was inspired by the Austrian flag. The design of the brand originates from the Vienna graphic artist Nicholas Schmidt, whose artistic work extends from about typography web design, architecture and environmental design to create brand identity.    

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Austria in movement - Austria 62 cents




ISSUE DATE: 21 January 2015
STAMP DESIGN: Nikolaus Schmidt
PRINTER: Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH