Monday, March 23, 2015

Jersey Post 2015 Stamp Issue
Jersey Hologram Definitives

:: JERSEY (Bailiwick of Jersey)
 :: THEME:  Jersey Hologram Definitives Collection
  :: NOMINAL VALUE: £5, £10
   :: ISSUE DATE: 18 February 2015
    :: ARTIST: Chris Levine
     :: HOLOGRAPHER: Rob Munday

This special pack includes our two "world-first" hologram Definitive stamps. The £10 Definitive features 'Equanimity', the first official holographic portrait of Her Majesty the Queen created by artist Chris Levine and holographer Rob Munday. 

The 2015 £5 Definitive features the Crest of Jersey - it is the first stamp to feature the effect of a hologram that has been embossed.


SIZE: 51mm x 37.5mm
PRICE: £16.15