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France 2015 - Nicole Girard Mangin 1878-1919

ISSUE DATE: 23 March 2015
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STAMP DESIGN: Sarah Bougault
ENGRAVER: Sarah Bougault
STAMP SIZE: 41 mm x 30 mm
PAPER: FSC Mixed Paper mini 70%
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Nicole Girard Mangin, born in Paris on October 11, 1878 and died on June 6, 1919 was the only female doctor assigned to the front during the First World War
Mobilized by mistake in 1914 she hides her feminine and volunteered at Verdun. 

At 18, in 1896, she began studying medicine in Paris. She married in 1899 with André Girard and have a son, Stephen. She worked at her husband's side, operation champagne. In 1903, she divorced and returned to medicine and presents his thesis on cancer poisons in 1906. At the Vienna International Congress in 1910, she represented France alongside Robin Albert in 1914 and integrates its anti-tuberculosis dispensary Beaujon. She conducts research on tuberculosis, cancer and signs publications. 

When war broke out, she volunteered as the Doctor Girard-Mangin. The administration does not doubt for a moment that this doctor was a man. She was assigned to the care of Verdun sector typhoid awash bombs on January 21, 1916. When the evacuation order is given, Nicole Girard-Mangin can not bring himself to abandon nine wounded she is in charge . When it comes to evacuate five soldiers requiring hospitalization, she became head of the convoy, in defiance of shells raining down, in defiance of his own wounds (she was slightly wounded in the face by a burst of mica). 

In in December 1916, despite his many clashes with the military administration, she was appointed medical officer. It is then assigned to Paris, where she was given the management of the hospital Edith Cavell, Desnoettes street. 

After the war, she is involved in the Red Cross and lectures on the role of women during the Great War. Preparing an international tour, she was found dead, perhaps a victim of overwork, alongside her dog Dun. Atheist, her funeral and cremation take place at the Père Lachaise before burial in the family vault in Saint-Maur-des-Fosses. She never received or citation or decoration. "It is likely that a few years, as I say, a few months after our victory, I will have an amused smile for my strange attire. Critical Thinking for the affection I have for Dun my dog. It will be indeed unfair and ridiculous. I owe my cap for keeping proper hairstyle, even while sleeping on stretchers; of keeping hours on a narrow seat without disturbing the driver. I owe my multiple pockets have always possessed the necessary items, a knife, a cup, a comb, twine, a lighter, a flashlight, sugar and chocolate. I owe it to my dog, born and raised there many minutes of oblivion, his selfless dedication I was soft. Finally, I owe to my caduceus and my brisques prestige that it sometimes took me to the ignorant and fools. " 

1878 – 1919 Nicole Mangin

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