Sunday, March 15, 2015

TAAF 2015 - Paul-Emile Victor

:: TAAF (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises)
 :: THEME: Paul-Emile Victor
  :: NOMINAL VALUE: 1.00€ 
   :: ISSUE DATE: 1 January 2015
    :: STAMP DESIGN: Yves Beaujard 

Paul-Émile Victor was a French ethnologist and explorer. Born in Geneva, he graduated from École Centrale de Lyon in 1928. In 1934, he participated in an expedition traversing Greenland. During the World War II, he engaged himself in the US Air Forces. After the War, he initiated the Expéditions polaires françaises to organize French polar expeditions. He died in 1995 on Bora Bora, to which he had retired in 1977.
A survey led by Victor in 1951 concluded that, under the ice sheet, Greenland is composed of three large islands.
Mount Victor, in the Belgica Mountains of Antarctica, is named for him.

"I was fifteen and I have long dreamed of having my corner for me. My parents did not hesitate to attribute to me the attic. The perfect order that prevailed allowed to empty within hours. I soon took possession of my new domain. I spent hours in the empty attic, sitting in a corner, imagining its installation, by developing the lighting system, combining the shelves and furniture that I would make. I have often thought since this intense period of work without a gesture and concentration in which an idea takes the form of a project outline and then in detail, until, all being ready, it only remains to move to implementation."
La Mansarde / The attic, Stock 1981