Thursday, March 26, 2015

Austria 2011 - 100th Anniversary of the Football Championship in Austria

ISSUE DATE: 6 September 2011
CIRCULATION: 7 300 000
STAMP DESIGN: David Gruber

Football is the focus of this special issue, with the congratulates the post on the 100th anniversary of the Austrian championship in a charming way. 

The story: It was the year 1911, when, under the title "First Class" a football championship in Austria was held for the first time. Until the 1949-50 season, but this league was led to the exclusion of teams outside of Vienna and Lower Austria, which is why only been this season, there is a total Austrian football league. It is interesting that the "Bundesliga" changed its name several times over the years - this was done mostly with a change in the existing game system. Founding name was, as mentioned, "First Class", which with the introduction of professional football in 1924 in "I. League "was changed. 1936, with the transition to a semi-professional mode in favor of the Province Teams renamed "National League". During the Second World War, the League was not abandoned by the Nazis, but renamed several times. After the war, the Austrian Football Association decided initially to the simple name "League", after formation of the "League B" as a substructure in "A League" - was changed - mostly converted into "A League". Further reforms brought back new names, 1965, the "National League" and 1974 then the "Bundesliga". However, the first consciously made ​​reference to the German league was two years later than '1. Division "restricted again. It is only since a new 1993 reform the league is again "Bundesliga". In 1997, the League was the first time a sponsor name - the mobile phone companies "max.mobil" gave her the new name. Following the acquisition of the Group by the German Telekom 2003 Games were officially discharged under the title "T-Mobile Bundesliga". Originally doped to 3.5 million euros per year sponsorship deal in 2005 somewhat reduced program included a ban on advertising of other mobile entrepreneurs as club sponsors. Since the 2008-09 season, the betting company "tipp3" rose along with "T-Mobile Austria" into a new cooperation agreement. This is called the Bundesliga, including sponsor names, since the 2008/09 season officially "tipp3-Bundesliga powered by T-Mobile." 

The following teams are currently the highest Austrian football class: SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz, FC Red Bull Salzburg and FK Austria Wien, SV Josko Ried and SK Rapid Wien, further FC Wacker Innsbruck and SC Magna Wiener Neustadt, KSV Superfund and SV Mattersburg and FC Trenkwalder Admira Wacker Mödling.

Stamp images and description thanks to Austrian Post - Österreichische Post
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