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Austria 2013 Stamp Issue
Sacred Art in Austria
Icon of St. Nicholas of Myra

  :: THEME: 20th Anniversary of Fairtrade in Austria 
   :: NOMINAL VALUE: 145
    :: ISSUE DATE: 20 September 2013
     :: STAMP DESIGN: Peter Sinawehl

The special issue is the attractive series "Sacred Art in Austria" now its aesthetic sequel. The brand motif shows the impressive icon of St. Nicholas to Myra from the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Vienna's 3rd district. The late historic church, the seat of the Russian Orthodox community in Vienna and since 1962 its own eparchy, was built from 1893 to 1899 by a certain Grigory Ivanovich Kotov by Italian architect Luigi Giacomelli as Embassy Church. Much of the construction costs, namely 400,000 rubles, was at the time. Due to a donation from Tsar Alexander III applied.

The consecration of the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas was held in April 1899, when the episcopal diocese of Vienna and Austria it is directly subordinated to the Moscow Patriarchate. The imposing church, a Fünfkuppelbau in the traditional forms of Russian church architecture was extensively renovated between 2003 and 2008. The interior is divided into a lower and an upper church in, patron of the upper church is the aforementioned Saint Nicholas. Biography: Nicholas of Myra is without doubt one of the most popular saints of the Eastern as well as Western Church. In the first half of the 4th century this served as Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor region of Lycia, which was a part of the Roman and later the Byzantine Empire at that time. Over the life of the historical St. Nicholas, there are few documented facts. Myra in Lycia, now Demre, is a small town about 100 kilometers south-west of Antalya in Turkey today. In the 4th century, the town was a bishopric. Sources about Nicholas' life originate for example from Andrew of Crete (700) and by a monk named John in the Studite monastery in Constantinople former Opel, which was founded in the 5th century.

After matching traditions Nicholas was born in Patara 270-286. At age 19, he was ordained a priest, later he will then have served as abbot of the monastery of Sion near Myra. During the persecution of Christians, he was arrested and tortured, according to tradition caught. The son of wealthy parents, Nicholas is said to have distributed his inherited wealth among the poor, which is also reported by the better attested bishops of the fourth century, Ambrose of Milan and St. Basil of Caesarea, and there is considered to be historical fact - in the case of Nicholas of Myra revolve about the course, various legends and local customs. 

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ISSUE DATE: 20 September 2013
STAMP DESIGN: Peter Sinawehl
PRINTER: Austrian State Printing House (OeSD)