Thursday, March 26, 2015

Austria 2015 - Schartner Bombe

ISSUE DATE: 01 March 2015
STAMP DESIGN: Dieter Kraus

An Austrian specialty that can look back on a history of almost 90 years now and has lost none of its freshness - this is the Schartner Bombe. The Austrian Post is dedicating the domestic original lemonade a special brand that continues the series' trademark Classic. 
It started when the early 20th century the farmer Mayrzedt from the Upper Austrian Leppersdorf discovered a warm spring and this not only used as a cryoprotectant for his mill, but used to bathe in the hot and sulphurous water. In the 1920s, the share closed society "spa nicks" together, were drilled to a depth of 184 meters, a bathhouse was built and the saving water well-heeled spa guests made available. As the spring water gradually cooled and became less, Otto Burger grabbed from Linz to 1926, the idea of ​​putting the water with fruit syrup and deliver as a beverage for sale - this was the birth of Schartner Bombe, which owes its name to the original bottle shape.

In Lepper villages Presshaus 600 bottles per hour was filled, and the Schartner Bombe was a great success, which also includes the economic crisis could harm it. In the 1940s, Otto Burger died, the light Egger Nährmittel- works took over the business, which was sold in 1956 to the Schartner fine-Ges.mbH. By 1975, the Schartner water was specially transported to production after Mühlgrub in Bad Hall, but eventually the bathroom Haller mineral water for the production of soda was used. Under Wilhelm Fein Schartner Bombe was so popular that in 1969 a bottling plant was built, which was with the annual production of 40 million bottles of the world's largest peers. However, this investment was too big - the soft drink changed in the years to come several times its owner before the mid-1990s, the family Starzinger from the Upper Austrian market Franks took over the company and since then with utmost success. Today the Schartner Bombe is placed alongside the classics of orange and lemon in exotic flavors like passion fruit, pineapple or orange with ginkgo vitamins or offered sugar-free.
In addition to PET bottles and aluminum cans, the famous green glass bottles are still served in restaurants and bars. Even as a sponsor for events, sporting events and sports clubs, the beverage company a good name, and since 2012 the "Schartner Bombe Arschbomben Challenge" made a splash on the Internet - winner of the Splashmobs 2014 was, moreover, the managing director of the company Ludmilla Starzinger. The special issue "Schartner Bombe" is a nostalgic advertising subject with the unmistakable 0.25 liter glass bottles. 

Klassische Markenzeichen - Schartner Bombe
Classic Brands - Schartner Bombe




Stamp images and description thanks to Austrian Post - Österreichische Post
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