Thursday, March 26, 2015

Austria 2013 - The 20th Anniversary of Fairtrade in Austria

  :: THEME: 20th Anniversary of Fairtrade in Austria 
    :: ISSUE DATE: 21 June 2014
     :: STAMP DESIGN: Michael Johannes Hahn
"FAIRTRADE Austria" - full name "Association for the promotion of fair trade with the countries of the South" - is a non-profit organization established in 1993 with headquarters in Vienna. For 20-year anniversary inventory congratulates the mail with its own special brand.

The artfully-striking motif design comes from Michael Johannes Hahn.

The overall objective of FAIRTRADE Austria is without doubt a development policy: the reduction of poverty in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Smallholders and plantation workers and their families and communities should be encouraged and their living and working conditions are sustained improvement. - But how is the organization going on now? Well, FAIRTRADE Austria awards to importers, processors and distributors that meet the defined standards, the right to use the FAIRTRADE seal of approval for their products. In addition, of course, include marketing and public relations to important tasks - and not least FAIRTRADE Austria also acts as a national initiative seal on umbrella organization FLO, which sets the FAIRTRADE standards, with.

Products with the FAIRTRADE seal are available in thousands of stores - including world and natural food stores, supermarkets, discount stores and restaurants. Measured against the royalties, the main products are in the order of fruit, coffee, fruit juices, chocolates and roses. In addition, Tea, Confectionery, rice, dried fruit, sports balls and textiles are licensed. The club itself financed his work indeed for the most part on license revenue for the assigned him FAIRTRADE seal, added funds from grants and various sponsorship activities.

The largest part of the revenue, however, flows in the item "Personnel expenses" and "project cost", about 15 percent of revenue to be expended for contributions to international inspection and certification organizations FLO and FLO-Cert GmbH. For the producers, the FAIRTRADE Standards achieve economic effects both through price advantages due to the guaranteed minimum prices and Fairtrade premiums as well as price stability, long-term supplier relationships and opportunities for pre-financing.

Furthermore, the living conditions of farmers and farm workers should be improved through environmental and social standards. The new special stamp is understood as a sign of awareness and as a tribute to a very ambitious organization. 
ISSUE DATE: 21 June 2013
STAMP DESIGN: Michael Johannes Hahn
PRINTER: Austrian State Printing House (OeSD)