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Austria 2014 - Dining with Tradition - Restaurant "Zum Schwarzen Kameel" - Vienna

ISSUE DATE: 10 April 2014
STAMP DESIGN: Gustav Assem

Old Viennese institution and gourmet temple: For centuries, one can meet in the "Schwarzen Kameel" in delicious treats friends and business partners or just relax. The current special stamp from the series "Dining with Tradition" is devoted to this special place in the heart of Vienna, combines the noblesse in the atmosphere sexy with a relaxed and homey atmosphere. The history of this traditional restaurants begins in 1618, when Johan Baptist camel opened a spice shop.

Inspired by his own name he christened this "Zum Schwarzen Kameel". 1818 took over the Bohemian accountant Joseph Stiebitz the business, it titled "Joseph Stiebitz and Comp." And expanded the range of delicatessen shop. Soon after, a wine bar was added, and the place became a popular meeting place for the upscale Viennese bourgeoisie, as well as many artists - including the composer Friedrich August Kanne and Ludwig van Beethoven, who could be exempt from formal etiquette indulge in the culinary delights here. 1825 received the "black camel" the award "kuk purveyor" in 1901, the house was completely rebuilt and decorated the interior in the Vienna Art Nouveau - this is still kept alive today.

For two generations now operates the family Friese oasis for gourmets and relies in addition to furthering the culinary heritage of delicious diversity: Today, the award-winning "Black camel" is not just a restaurant, buffet and wine cellar, but also a unique catering service, which is still far more than the legendary sandwiches offers. The heart of the restaurant is the bar where you late into the night on a Wiener Melange or a glass of wine, and deli display case, in the delicacies like caviar, organic salmon, foie gras, all sorts of pestos, jams and oils, and much lined up more . The representative main floor can be used for various events. Since 2007 sweet tooth in the house patisserie their money's worth: Here handmade chocolates, tempting tarts and finest confections are offered.

The special issue "Zum Schwarzen Kameel" in the background shows the bar with a summary of selected wine offer, which includes a total of over 800 different wines. The focus of the brand on the one hand is the symbol of the famous restaurant to see - in the original the black hump animal was designed by former regular guest Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller - and the other part of ham, a specialty that is made specifically for the "black camel".  

Stamp images and description thanks to Austrian Post - Österreichische Post
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