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Germany 2015 Stamp Issue
Diocese of Hildesheim

 :: THEME: Diocese of Hildesheim
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   :: ISSUE DATE: 2 March 2015 
    :: STAMP DESIGN: Sascha Lobe

The Diocese of Hildesheim, 2015. the 1200th anniversary celebrates, is one of the largest dioceses of the Republic. His valuable Cathedral includes among others the "Big Slice Cross" from the second third of the 12th century. It represents over a thousand years of church and art history in Lower Saxony. Since 1985, the Hildesheim Cathedral is one with its art treasures as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Even in its first year 815 began the construction of the St. Mary's Cathedral. It was rebuilt again and again in the following decades and expanded. A significant improvement as a place of pilgrimage learned the diocese in the tenth century. Because the relics of St. Epiphaneus came from Pavia to Hildesheim. In addition, it provided for an extension of Hildesheim cathedral school. She became one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the German Reich. Under Bishop Bernward (993-1022), the cathedral of Hildesheim received an architectural and art history highlight. Named after the bishop "Bernward door" in the west portal is considered the oldest figurative decorated bronze doors of the Middle Ages. It is one of the masterpieces of Ottonian art.
During the Reformation the diocese from the 16th century came in Existenznot. Only massive Rekatholisierungsma├čnahmen and the rule of commencement of the Catholic Bishop Ferdinand of Bavaria (1612-1650) save the diocese from destruction. 1803, the diocese of Hildesheim was secularized and awarded to the Kingdom of Hanover.
After the Second World War completely destroyed by air raids Hildesheim cathedral had to be rebuilt. It was also necessary, as soon as possible to integrate the Catholic expellees and refugees in the diocese of Hildesheim. From 1939 to 1950, the number of Catholics from around 265 000 rose to nearly 670,000 members.

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ISSUE DATE:5 February 2015
STAMP DESIGN:Prof. Sascha Lobe, Stuttgart
STAMP SIZE:33 mm x 39 mm
PRINTER:Federal GmbH, Berlin
PAPER:Coated, white and fluorescent postage stamp paper DP II
PRINTING PROCESS:Multi-color offset printing
SHEET SIZE:191.00 mm x 104.00 mm

1200 Jahre Bistum Hildesheim
1200 years - Diocese of Hildesheim

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