Friday, March 20, 2015

South Korea 2015 - Happy School Life

COUNTRY:South Korea 
ISSUE DATE:3 March 2015
CIRCULATION:250 000 (each)
Kim Seon-hee
Cho Seul-gi
Kim Seung-yeon
THEME:Happy School Life
PRINTING PROCESS:offset, 4 colours
STAMP SIZE:35mm x 35mm
KOREA POST PRODUCT NUMBER:3047, 3048, 3049, 3050

Stamps reflect daily life. They not only feature politics, culture, and history, but also society`s prevailing sentiments. The 2014 International Postage Stamp Design Contest offered the general public an opportunity to take part in postage stamp design. Under the theme of "Happy School Life" the submitted designs depicted the meaning of genuine school life, and were honest portrayals of our time. 

In "Happy art class" designer Kim Ga-ram intended to illustrate that the way to create a happy school is through sharing and consideration for each other, by drawing children sharing crayons and working together to complete the word LOVE.

"Variety, the more the better" by Kim Seon-hee shows a fun puzzle made of happy faces of children who are different from one another yet understand each other and share happiness in the school. 

In "Our happy school" by Cho Seul-gi, students sharing happiness and laughter under one roof and inside a common space called school are depicted with round faces and shapes. The design is simple, yet it clearly conveys the happiness of students.

"Friendship travels through letters" by Kim Seung-yeon illustrates, using hearts, the dreams and hopes of children they share with each other through letters. It shows that exchanging hand-written letters is not only a heart-warming experience but a great way to deepen friendship between young students. 

Just as the newly-issued "Happy School Life" stamps from the 2014 International Postage Stamp Design Contest reflect our hearts and hopes, I hope that letters can serve as a means to support one another in our society by providing opportunities for communication and shared happiness. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how future stamps portray our lives. 

Happy School Life - Happy art class

PRODUCT # 3047

Happy School Life - Our happy school

PRODUCT # 3048

Happy School Life - Friendship travels through letters

PRODUCT # 3049

Happy School Life - Variety, the more the better

PRODUCT # 3050

Happy School Life - Stamp Sheet