Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vatican 2015
Exposition of the Holy Shroud

ISSUE DATE: 19 February 2015
PRINTER: Printex, Malta
STAMP SIZE: 41 mm x 30.5 mm
PERFORATIONS: 13.65 x 13.77
SHEET SIZE: 106 mm x 177 mm

The Holy Shroud (Shroud of Turin), which has been conserved in Turin, Italy, since 1578, bears the image of an adult man with a beard, long hair and the signs of the suffering of Christ, as described in the Gospels. The image is surrounded by two black singed lines and mending repair done after the damage it suffered in the fire of 1532. In recent years, the authenticity of the holy cloth has often become a point of debate, but believing is an act of faith and the true believer does not need scientific proof. 

The physical nature of the Shroud immediately recalls the Passion and sacrifice of Jesus, and serves as a powerful reminder moving millions of faithful. The display of the Shroud from Sunday 19 April to Wednesday 24 June offers a longer public viewing period compared to previous ones. Pope Francis will visit it, as well as many faithful on pilgrimage from around the world, including young people taking part in celebrations for the Salesian Jubilee. The anniversary marks a special moment for Turin and the surrounding area, given the history of holiness and experiences lived here by the sons and daughters of St. John Bosco. The theme of the celebration, “the Greatest Love”, as well as the facial features impressed on the holy cloth, are the key elements featured on the postage stamp, our own special testimony to an event of high religious and cultural value.