Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Germany 2015 Stamp Issue
Max and Moritz 150 Years

 :: THEME: 150 Years - Max and Moritz
  :: NOMINAL VALUE: 0.62 €
   :: ISSUE DATE: 2 April 2015 
    :: STAMP DESIGN: Greta Gröttrup
     :: ILLUSTRATIONS: Wilhelm Busch

Today they would probably classify as "behavioral problems". Or even as a "youthful offenders". Max and Moritz have a lot to answer for. Need an example? "Schneider, Schneider, bleat, bleat, bleat!" Call the troublemaker through the tailor Böck window. The bursting of the collar. He storms out of the house and the unscrupulous duo runs directly into the trap: For the bridge in front of the house is sawed. Böck falls into the water. He almost drowns. Max and Moritz but have become immortal with their bawdy jokes. 1865 Wilhelm Busch published the picture story with the two bad guys.

At the end wins the justice. The chubby Max and Moritz slim blonde come to a bad end. Before they whirl the fussy Biedermeier world of the 19th century but messed efficient. The story of Max and Moritz has been translated into over 300 languages ​​and dialects. Born in Wiedensahl west of Hanover 1832 Busch is considered popular humorist. But as cryptic artist. The painter and poet put his stories as satires. These disclose false piety, self-righteousness and hypocrisy. The ingeniously humorous doggerel and line drawings are still the brand Wilhelm Busch.

But Busch also wrote sentimental prose. Comedy is not to be found in them. As a painter Busch created oil paintings in miniature, which showed initially influences of the Dutch Baroque. Later he became a modern and experimented with expressions of Expressionism. Wilhelm Busch died on January 9, 1908 in Mechtshausen, about 130 miles from his birthplace. In the region of Schaumburg, the Max and Moritz anniversary celebrated in 2015 with exhibitions and readings.

description courtesy of Deutsche Post
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ISSUE DATE:2 April 2015
Greta Gröttrup
Wilhelm Busch 
STAMP SIZE:39 mm x 33 mm
PRINTER:Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Werk Wertpapierdruckerei Leipzig
PAPER:Coated, white and fluorescent postage stamp paper DP II
PRINTING PROCESS:Multi-color offset printing
SHEET SIZE:104.00 mm x 191.00 mm

150 Jahre Max und Moritz
150 Years Max and Moritz

PRODUCT # 004683
PRICE: 0.62 €