Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Czech Republic 2015 - Historical Vehicles: WALTER 6B Automobile

ISSUE DATE: 18 February 2015
STAMP DESIGN: Václav Zapadlík
STAMP SIZE: 40 x 23 mm
STAMPS PER SHEET: 50  (25 automobile stamps + 25 airplane stamps)
PRINTING PROCESS: multicoloured offset
Czech Post - Česká pošta PRODUCT NO.: 0838

The Walter 6B car from the no longer existing unique body workshop of J. Sodomka in Vysoké Mýto. The Walter 6B is also contained in the picture part of the FDC features and, as a line drawing, in the handstamp.

Josef Walter was one of the pioneers of Czech car industry. In 1898, aged 24, he started his successful career as a trained engine fitter.

In a small workshop at Smíchov in Prague he began to build bicycles followed by motorcycles (1902) and cycle-cars (1908). In 1913, he built a first passenger car in his new factory at Jinonice in Prague. Until the First World War, his cars won a number of prizes in motor racing. The customers were convinced by the reliability, speed and driving stability of Walter’s cars.
He exported them throughout Europe and Russia. In the 1920s, Walter ranked among the leading manufacturers of aircraft engines of a great reputation. They were ordered by European and overseas countries and a license was purchased even by Rolls Royce. Although the manufacturing of aircraft engines limited the manufacturing of cars, it helped improve their design and assembly. The 6 or 6B models with open or closed bodywork whose production started in 1928 are considered to be the most mature design of the Walter car make. The Walter Regent model was the last original Czech designed Walter. It was the last and most luxurious of the six-cylinder Walter models, used as the basis for development of the subsequent Walter Standard, Walter Super, Walter Regent and the luxurious Walter Royal types. 

The successful Walter 6B Super confirmed its reliability in the competition "10,000 km across Europe". During 13 days, it travelled an average of 700 km per day with a consumption of 14 litres. The Walter team won the best make award. 



Citroën DS 21

Original photo from "Svet Motoru" magazine,Czechoslovakia
Drawing by V. Zapadlik - Autoclassic magazine, Hungary
thanks to: www.autogallery.org.ru