Thursday, April 16, 2015

France 2015 Stamp Issue
Croix de Guerre - Cross of War


 :: THEME: Cross of War
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   :: ISSUE DATE: 9 April 2015
    :: ARTWORK: 
Sophie Beaujard
The law of April 8, 1915 creates a so-called war cross crosses to honor since the beginning of the 1914-15 war, the individual citations of officers, non-commissioned officers, corporals, and soldiers of the armies of Earth and Sea the order of the Army, the Corps, Divisions, Brigades and Regiments ... A decree on April 23, 1915 fixed the organization and appearance of the decoration. The Military Cross was conferred to French or foreign soldiers who had obtained the necessary quotes, civilians could also receive the same conditions. It ceased to be awarded after October 28, 1921 with completion of the Fayolle commission. The badge was made by Bartholomew burner. This is a Florentine bronze cross 37 mm module with the branches two crossed swords. In the center, on the obverse the Republic wearing a Phrygian cap wearing a laurel wreath and on the reverse the year 1914-1915 that will change as the war years. The Military Cross is doing after the Legion of Honour and the Military Medal to a green ribbon with red stripes, inherited the medal of St. Helena, symbolic evocation of the glory of the Napoleonic army veterans. Quotes are materialized and identified by wearing a flag on the tape: a star (nail) bronze for brigade and regiment money for division, corps for gilt bronze palm for quotes the order of the Army. The number of war cross is estimated at around 1.2 million for all allies (representing more than 2 million citations, including 60 000 to the order of the army, excluding citations posthumously Military Cross of accompanying the Legion of Honour and the Military Medal). This immensely popular decorating has always kept its prestige. It is the symbol of courage and sacrifice of the soldiers of the Great War.

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Timbre La Croix de Guerre

PRICE: 0.76€


ISSUE DATE: 9 April 2015
CIRCULATION: 1 200 000
STAMP DESIGN: Sandy Coffinet
ENGRAVER: Elsa Catelin
STAMP SIZE: 30 mm x 40.85 mm 
PAPER: FSC Mixed Paper mini 70%
phil@poste PRODUCT No.: 1115018