Thursday, April 23, 2015

Order of Malta 2015 Stamp Issue
Ignazio Danti - Ancient Maps

Ignazio (Egnatio or Egnazio) Danti (April 1536 – 19 October 1586), born Pellegrino Rainaldi Danti, was an Italian priest, mathematician, astronomer, and cosmographer. Danti was born in Perugia to a family rich in artists and scientists. As a boy he learned the rudiments of painting and architecture from his father Giulio, an architect and engineer who studied under Antonio da Sangallo, and his aunt Teodora, who was said to have studied under the painter Perugino and also wrote a commentary on Euclid

 Cosmography  is the science that maps the general features of the cosmos or universe, describing both heaven and Earth (but without encroaching on geography or astronomy). In astrophysics, the term "cosmography" is beginning to be used to describe attempts to determine the large-scale geometry and kinematics of the observable universe, independent of any specific cosmological theory or model.

Pope Gregory XIII invited Ignazio to Rome, appointed him pontifical mathematician and made him a member of the commission for the reform of the calendar. He also placed him in charge of the painters whom the Pope had summoned to the Vatican to continue the decoration of the palace, most notably to make a number of maps of the regions of modern Italy in the newly constructed Gallery of Maps along the Cortile del Belvedere. This remarkable project, begun in early 1580 and completed about 18 months later, maps the entirety of the Italian peninsula in 40 large-scale frescoes, each depicting a region as well as a perspective view of its most prominent city.

ISSUE DATE:30 March 2015
MAPS:Egnazio Danti
PHOTO:Italia Antica. © 2015. Foto Scala Firenze
Liguria. © 2015. Foto Scala Firenze
Ducato di Milano. © 2015. Foto Scala Firenze
Forum Iulii da Venezia a Pola. © 2015. Foto Scala Firenze
Ducato di Mantova. © 2015. Foto Scala Firenze
Marca d’Ancona. © 2015. Foto Scala Firenze
STAMP SIZE:52mm x 40mm
PRINTER:Cartor Security Printing. La Loupe, Francia


PRICE: 14.40