Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hong Kong 2015
Sports in Hong Kong

ISSUE DATE: 23 April 2015
STAMP SIZE:28 x 45 mm

The Government endeavours to implement a sport-for-all policy. In addition to a diverse range of sports-related activities launched in local communities, various large-scale sports events have been organised to encourage citizens to participate more in sports. At the same time, the brilliant achievements of Hong Kong athletes in international competitions are not only Hong Kong’s pride, but have also aroused greater interest by citizens in local sports development. To promote the public’s participation in sports and to advocate a sporting culture, an online voting exercise, “My Favourite Sports”, was held from February to March 2014, to invite the public to vote for their favourite sports. The top six choices were then adopted in the present set of special stamps on “Sports in Hong Kong”.

The six stamps depict six different sports, namely, cycling ($1.70), table tennis ($2.20), football ($2.90), athletics ($3.10), badminton ($3.70) and swimming ($5). Each stamp presents a bird’s eye view of the arena specially designed for each of the six sports, with its linear features highlighted to create an innovative and interesting visual effect. Painted in different colours, the sports arenas depicted on the six stamps make a brightly-hued and vivid scene when put together. The silhouettes on the stamps outline the different actions of the athletes in playing their sports. The fine line across each stamp not only tracks the movement, but also denotes breakthroughs and the pursuit of excellence.

To echo the sports-related theme, Hongkong Post has made this its first-ever set of thermochromically printed stamps. As the silhouettes of the athletes are printed in thermochromic ink, their colours vary with a change in temperature. This highly distinctive feature adds vibrance and energy to the stamps in this issue.

Stamp images and description thanks to Hongkong Post

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