Thursday, May 7, 2015

Germany 2015 Stamp Issue
EUROPA: Old Toys

    :: THEME: EUROPA: Old Toys
     :: NOMINAL VALUE: 0.62
      :: ISSUE DATE: 7 May 2015 
       :: STAMP DESIGN: Kitty Kahane

The monkey on the rocking elephant was the dream of all children 100 years ago. So to speak of our great-grandfathers Gameboy. Frequently decked with felt clothes and Page cap or Fez, the picaresque animal was popular as children's toys. The mechanically driven figure suggested for example capers as an acrobat. Or waved cheerfully from a toy car. At the time, let the cute toys children's hearts beat faster. Today, it increases the pulse at enthusiasts and collectors.

When trading with historical toys whopping prices are achieved. Historical Toys is a valuable asset today. Sometimes even an investment. It has become a real "market" formed. A Purzelaffe with metal housing and flywheel drive from the 1920s will cost around 1,200 euros. In particular, refined mechanical toy is in great demand by collectors. The toy range also reflects the spirit of the times. Thus, for the advancement of technology in the children's visit. Carts, kits, steam engines, everything is represented. In 1895, the first steam-powered electricity and railway drove through German nursery.

But technology toy was boy thing. Girls traditionally get dolls and dollhouses. So early on gender roles are defined. Even old dolls and teddy bears are a historical object for collectors. A Steiff Bear from 1926 achieved a record price of over 156,000 euros at an auction. The reason are the only available small quantities. Most fabric bears are cuddled by the children to the self-dissolution. Almost as expensive as the record holder was another bear colleague from 1912. He checked on the "Titanic". And their downfall "survived".

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Serie "Europa": Historisches Spielzeug



ISSUE DATE:7 May 2015
STAMP DESIGN:© Kitty Kahane, Berlin
STAMP SIZE:34.89 x 34.89 mm
PRINTER:Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Werk Wertpapierdruckerei Leipzig
PAPER:Coated, white and fluorescent postage stamp paper DP II
PRINTING PROCESS:Multi-color offset printing
SHEET SIZE:209 mm x 104 mm