Saturday, June 13, 2015

France 2015 Stamp Issue
70th Anniversary of 8th May 1945

 :: THEME: 
70th Anniversary of 8th May 1945   

  :: NOMINAL VALUE: 0.68 €
   :: ISSUE DATE: 9 May 2015

    :: STAMP SIZE: 30 x 40.85 mm
     :: STAMP DESIGN: Stéphane Levallois
On 7 May 1945, Alfred Jodl, Chief of Staff of the Wehrmacht, signed the surrender of Germany to the headquarters of the allied forces in Reims, with General Eisenhower. But Stalin demand that the ceremony is repeated in Berlin, the heart of which was the Third Reich and is now occupied by the Soviet army. Thus the Marshal de Lattre de Tassigny will sign the document on behalf of France. The stamp depicts an allegory of the victory, around it, a jubilant people holding the flags of the major allies.

Timbre 70 ans du 8 mai 1945


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