Tuesday, June 16, 2015

San Marino 2015 Stamp Issue
3D Printing Revolution

The philatelic issue dedicated to the 3D Printing Revolution is made up of three revolutionary stamps of € 0.10-0.80-2.15. Innovation, emerging technologies and internationality are the characteristics of the first philatelic set designed by the American illustrator Andy Rementer. He is the author of “Techno Tuesday”, a comic about the nervous habits and idiosyncrasies of the technologic world.

The 3D printer is an advanced technology that produces tridimensional objects, made of plastic or other materials, from a computer 3D model. Rementer designed three virtual scenes that forerun the times with his original and visionary comic strip style. 

The set represents the production of food (€0.10 value), more complex and elaborate objects (€0.80 value) and a provoking "duplicate" of a human being (€2.15 value). This topic will be object of the intellectual debates.



€ 2.15 



CARTOON "TECHNO TUESDAY" THANKS TO - Andy Rementer - www.technotuesday.com