Tuesday, June 2, 2015

United Kingdom 2015 Stamp Issue
Magna Carta

Magna Carta - First Class
 Sealed at Runnymede on 15th June 1215 most of the clauses in the Magna Carta were drawn up to address specific grievances concerning the rule of King John. 

Simon De Montfort’s Parliament – First Class

Set up in January 1265 this was the first Parliament to which the burgesses who were the representatives of the towns were summoned. De Montfort was a French political adventurer who came to England in 1253 and was the leader of the baronial opposition to King Henry III. 

Bill of Rights - £1.33

The Bill of Rights was passed in 1689 and made parliament a branch of government superior to the monarch. Several articles from it remain relevant today particularly those relating to ‘freedom of election’ and ‘freedom of speech’. 

American Bill of Rights £1.33

This is a collective name afforded to the first ten amendments to the American constitution. They guaranteed freedom of religion and speech, the liberty of the press, the right to petition and bear arms, and immunity against arbitrary search and arrest as well as excessive punishment. 

Universal Declaration of Human Rights - £1.52

This was adopted by the United Nations in 1948 in response to the horrors of war and constitutes the first global expression of rights to which all human beings are entitled. The first chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights, which was charged with drafting the Declaration, was Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Charter of the Commonwealth -£1.52

Adopted in December 2012 and officially signed by Her Majesty the Queen in March the following Year, the Charter of the Commonwealth comprises 16 care beliefs and brings together the values and aspirations that united the Commonwealth, namely democracy, human rights and the rule of law. 


Words from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights ã (1948) United Nations. Reprinted with the permission of the United Nations; Charter of the Commonwealth ã Crown Copyright, 2013 and used under the Open Government licence v2.0.

Stamp images and description thanks to www.royalmail.com