Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hong Kong 2015
Chinese and Foreign Folklore

ISSUE DATE: 16 July 2015
THEME:Chinese and Foreign Folklore

$1.70 – The Old Man Who Moved Mountains: The old man led his family to flatten two mountains in spite of the obstacles and difficulties ahead. With help from the Emperor of Heaven, the huge mountains were finally removed. The story teaches us that we can triumph over adversity with dogged determination and indomitable will.

$2.20 – The Tortoise and the Hare: The story of the slow Tortoise who beat the Hare in a running competition shows that one must never give up in frustration, in order to succeed.

$2.90 – The Little Engine That Could: In the tale, the little engine, though small in size, was able to climb up the mountain with a load of toys. The story tells us that aspiration and inner strength can help us surmount obstacles when we suffer setbacks.

$3.10 – The Wild Swans: To save her brothers, the resolute princess who endured physical and mental pain ultimately won against evil, demonstrating the morals of tremendous perseverance and of selfless devotion.

$3.70 – The Three Little Pigs: The tale describes how the three little pigs, who built their houses in different ways, fought and won against the wicked big wolf. It illustrates that one should never do a sloppy job, otherwise the results may be disastrous.

$5 – The Parable of the Pipeline: Not complacent about his current accomplishment, the young man exerted himself to continue building a pipeline to bring more water for the villagers. With his steadfast spirit, his dream eventually came true and brought him great wealth and success.



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