Friday, July 17, 2015

South Africa 2015
South African Aviation Corps Centenary

The formation of the South African Aviation Corps (SAAC) dates back to a time when flying was still in its infancy. Growing into a formidable force, it played a major role in the South West Africa Campaign during World War I, and is considered to be the forerunner of the South African Air Force. To commemorate the centenary of the SAAC, the South African Post Office issued a set of five stamps and a commemorative envelope. 

Designed by Lize-Marie Dreyer, the stamps depict the SAAC's pilot wings, shoulder title, tunic detail, a Henry Farman bi-plane and the 1914-15 Star, respectively.

ISSUE DATE: 5 February 2015 
CIRCULATION: 100 000 sheets
ARTWORK: Lize-Marie Dreyer 
PAPER: Avery Dennison Kraft Back PS
GUM: WLK6 pressure sensitive adhesive 
STAMP SIZE: 52 x 26 mm, 52 x 38 mm, 38 x 26 mm, 38x 38 mm
STAMP SHEET SIZE: 179 x 98 mm 
PRINTING PROCESS: Offset Lithography
PRINTER: Southern Colour Security Print, New Zealand