Friday, September 18, 2015

Canada 2015
Franklin Expedition

Stamps commemorating Sir John Franklin’s 1845 search for the Northwest Passage and the discovery of his vanished flagship − HMS Erebus − in September 2014. The stamps, two Permanent™ and one at the international rate.

The two Permanent domestic-rate stamps measure 32 mm by 40 mm and are available in booklets of 10. They were printed by Lowe-Martin Group in lithography in six colours and have been embossed. Designed by Roy White, both stamps feature illustrations from Mike Little. These se-tenant stamps are also available on an Official First Day Cover cancelled in Gjoa Haven, NU and a gummed pane of 16 stamps, which is also available framed, with a unique two-tone metallic ink cancel.


A $2.50 international-rate stamp, measuring 25 mm by 50 mm, is available in booklets of six. The stamp, designed by White and illustrated by Matthew Betts, was printed by Lowe-Martin Group in lithography in six colours with the addition of a phosphorescent ink to enhance the look the sonar image. A souvenir sheet measuring 103 mm by 65 mm, an Official First Day Cover, cancelled in Gjoa Haven, NU, and a 12-souvenir sheet uncut press sheet measuring 650 mm by 483 mm complete this stamp issue.

Erebus at 378 tons (bm) and Terror at 331 tons (bm) were sturdily built and were outfitted with recent inventions. Steam engines were fitted in Erebus and Terror to drive a single screw in each vessel, these engines were former locomotives from the London & Croydon Railway. They enabled the ships to make 7.4 km/h (4 kn) on their own power. Other advanced technology included bows reinforced with heavy beams and plates of iron, an internal steam heating device for the comfort of the crew, screw propellers and iron rudders that could be withdrawn into iron wells to protect them from damage, ships' libraries of more than 1,000 books, and three years' worth of conventionally preserved or tinned preserved food supplies.

Souvenir Sheet Official FDC - International Rate Stamp


Souvenir Sheet - International Rate Stamp


Official First Day Cover Se-Tenant Pair


Uncut Press Sheet


Permanent™ Domestic Stamps - Booklet of 10


International Rate Stamps - Booklet of 6


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 www.COLLECTORZPEDIA.com - Canada Post Stamps