Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Poland 2015
Freedom and Independence

Freedom and Independence (Polish: Wolność i Niezawisłość WiN ) was a Polish underground anti-communist organisation founded on September 2, 1945 and active until 1952.

The main purpose of its activity was to prevent Soviet domination over Poland and to fight communism. Although, the pursuit of those goals was supposed to be largely peaceful, the fact of Soviet domination over Poland and the increasingly hostile and provocative behavior of local communists frequently resulted in WiN having its hand forced and in military confrontation. 

Although the WiN forces were well-armed and highly disciplined, they could not hope to fight a prolonged guerilla war against the Soviet Red Army and NKVD units - a fact clearly understood by the leadership. Thus, to the extent possible WiN attempted instead to concentrate not on military action but rather on providing assistance (false documents, money) for former soldiers of Armia Krajowa and other Polish resistance organizations believed not to be allied with the Soviets.