Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Russia 2015
History of the Russian Uniform - Jackets of Railway Transport Officials

The history of the uniform has an inextricable connection with the development of railway industry and training of specialists of various levels.

In 1809, the Main Water and Land Transport Agency and the Transport Engineer Corps and Institute were established in St. Petersburg by the Manifesto of Emperor Alexander I. Special uniform was created for Agency officials and Institute cadets.

Since 1855, a breed of the uniform had been radically changed. By 1873, more than 50 stock railway companies emerged in Russia, each of them introducing a its own uniform. The emblem, which is still present on the modern railway uniform, was designed. It depicts two outspread wings and a wheel, which symbolize speed, accuracy and comfort.
The one uniform dress for Russian railway officials was established in 1878. It was designed for different categories of employees: the railway engineers, officials of central and local institutions, railway employees and others.

From that time on, the uniform has undergone numerous changes according with the socio-economic processes of that time. After the war, uniform jackets of civil suits sample were gradually introduced instead of military or paramilitary breed.

The modern railway uniform is abandoning the military feel, emphasis on succession and preservation of historic traditions, comfort and functionality, safety, originality, aesthetic qualities and matching modern fashion.