Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Russia 2015
History of the World War I. Heroes of the WWI.

St George’s Cross, the highest military award in the Russian Empire, was awarded to many WWI participants for battle merit and courage.
More than 1.5 million insignias of various grades were handed out from 1914 till 1917. A “full bow”, all four crosses, was awarded to Konstantin Iosifovich Nedorubov (1889-1978), a cadet of Don Cossacks Regiment, Ivan Vladimirovich Tyulenev(1892-1978), a squad commander, Nikolai Ivanovich Ulanov (1881-1948), cadet of 18th Orenburg Regiment, and Ivan Lukich Kizhnyak (1893-1980), a regiments commanding officer.

Konstantin Nedorubov (1889-1978)

Ivan Tyulenev (1892-1978) 

Nikolai Ulanov (1881-1948)

Ivan Kizhnyak (1893-1980)