Friday, September 4, 2015

Switzerland 2015
Bicentenary of Geneva, Neuchâtel and Valais joining the Swiss Confederation

When it comes to celebrating, the Swiss are no longer divided by the so-called “roesti ditch” between German- and French-speaking Switzerland. All it takes to fi re them up is the rallying cry “We desire to be a people, united as brothers!”, as the founding fathers of the Confederation swore on the Rütli meadow back in 1291. And even if they often disagree in national referenda, when it comes to their homeland,the Swiss are not narrow federalists. We are therefore all proud of Geneva – lying on the beautiful shores of the eponymous lake – and prize its cosmopolitan fl air. And of Neuchâtel too, which commemorated its 1000th anniversary back in 2010 and which is well known beyond its borders as the birthplace of the “Green Fairy”, as absinthe is popularly known here. And, last but not least, of Valais, the sunniest region in Switzerland, home to the worldfamous Matterhorn – which we all like to call our own. Read on for three brief dips into 200 years of Swiss history.