Monday, October 5, 2015

Monaco 2015
300 Years - Alliance between the Grimaldis and the Matignons

ISSUE DATE: 3 September 2015
THEME: Grimaldis and the Matignons
PRINT RUN: 45 000
STAMP SIZE: 40 x 31.77 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Claude Andréotto
ENGRAVING: Claude Andréotto

In 1715, Louise-Hippolyte Grimaldi, the eldest daughter and heir of Prince Antoine I of Monaco, married Jacques de Goyon, the Count of Matignon. Following his wife’s death, the Count was acknowledged as Jacques I, Prince of Monaco. He acted as regent until his son came of age and brought numerous titles and possessions to the House of Grimaldi, including the Hotel Matignon. The stamp depicts that building and the signatures of Louise-Hippolyte and Jacques de Goyon-Matignon from their marriage certificate.