Thursday, October 29, 2015

Russia 2015 - Russian Navy: Prirazlomnaya and Mikhail Ulyanov

ISSUE DATE: 23 September 2015
THEME: Prirazlomnaya and Mikhail Ulyanov
STAMP SIZE: 37 x 37 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Alex Drobyshev

Prirazlomnoe - the first and only field on the Russian Arctic shelf where oil production is carried out. This is the only project in the world, where production in the Arctic is performed with a stationary platform. Arctic shuttle tanker "Mikhail Ulyanov" uses the principle of "double-action": a form of icebreaking bow and stern for movement on the ice. There is a possibility of work without an escort icebreaker ship in winter in ice thickness up to 1.2 m. On the stamps depicts platform "Prirazlomnaya" and tanker "Mikhail Ulyanov" in the ice.