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Jersey Post 2015
My Jersey - Jersey Post's Design a Stamp Competition

ISSUE DATE: 9 November 2015
STAMP SIZE:25 x 30 mm

Ten non-value indicator stamps showcase the winning designs from Jersey Post's Design a Stamp competition.

The five Local Letter stamps were designed by: 

Millie Foley (age 12-17) 
Millie submitted a brightly coloured drawing of a Jersey cow munching a pink flower. The cheerful colours and the cow's big green eyes make for a very striking stamp.

Jennifer Crocker (age 18+) 
Jennifer, a Jersey Mencap client involved in the charity's 'Taking Part, Making Art' project, has created a wonderful interpretation of the iconic White House, or La Caumine à Marie Best, in St Ouen's Bay, surrounded by a field of flowers.

Matthew Brown (age 11 and under)
Matthew's innovative design is a bold collage of red, blue and yellow depicting a surfboard, a sailing boat and a big yellow sun.

Leah O' Brien (age 11 and under) 
Leah used pencil crayons to draw an idyllic summer scene of a young girl and boy rock pooling. The detail is lovely with a small crab crawling up one of the rocks and the iconic Archirondel tower visible in the background.

Anna Le Moine Gray (age 18+)
Anna's entry was a haunting oil painting of Seymour Tower in the east of the Island, out to sea. The painting features beautifully, calming tones of blue.

The five UK Priority Letter stamps were designed by: 

Sophie Dixon (age 18+) 
Sophie's drawing of a puffin, one of Jersey's famous coastal birds, is made up of amazingly intricate patterns and works perfectly as a stamp.

Ciaran Britton (age 12-17) 
The intensely vivid colours in Ciaran's drawing offer an inspired and imaginative interpretation of the Island's Jersey Royal potato farming.

Allan Giles McCartney (age 18+) 
In this quirky and memorable painting, Allan has brought together two of the things for which Jersey is most well-known, the Jersey cow and the seaside. 

Skye Leather (age 11 and under) 
Skye's use of colour is beautiful and by blending purple, pink and yellow oil pastels, she has perfectly captured one of Jersey's spectacular sunsets, behind the lighthouse at Corbière.

Claudia Dixon (age 12-17)
Claudia has taken several of Jersey's recognisable monuments and cleverly assembled them around the Crest of Jersey. This bold design shows Jersey's Liberation Sculpture, Mont Orgueil Castle and Corbière lighthouse.

Stamp images thanks to Jersey Post

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