Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Vanuatu 2015
Fine Cuisine

ISSUE DATE: 28 October 2015
CIRCULATION: 250 000 each
STAMP SIZE: 50 x 25 m
 STAMP DESIGN: Denise Durkin

Vanuatu’s restaurants have risen in stature to rightfully claim the reputation as the culinary capital of the Pacific. The showcasing of Vanuatu’s unique local organic produce, especially magnificent beef, indigenous fruit and vegetables and local seafood has seen tourism boom with many seeking a “gastronomic adventure”.
The gourmet dining cuisine set in beautiful open-air restaurants with al fresco dining overlooking Vanuatu’s stunning scenery has developed from a focus on excellence and help from the Vanuatu Chefs Association who encourage the employment of local staff. This direction led to an international judge in a recent hospitality competition describing his sentiments towards the competing Chefs as:

“I’m in awe of the creativity they are displaying within their culture and how all of them made dishes that are recognisably ni-Vanuatu. Chefs often feel they have to add something from outside. All the dishes told a story, with great counterpoints, contrasts, textures and flavours.”
Signature dishes featuring organic beef, lobster, deep sea poulet, crab, shellfish and unique Vanuatu pizza are all contributing to this highly respected international reputation. This distinctive cuisine, complemented by international wines, has made dining in Port Vila and surrounding area a must for any visitor. Eratap, Francesca’s, The Havannah and L’Houstalet are excellent examples of this fine cuisine and Vanuatu Post is proud to recognise them in this stamp issue.

Hospitality plays a major role within Vanuatu tourism and fine restaurant dining plays a key part in making this hospitality second-to-none in the South Pacific. This claim is proven when visitors participate in the many truly memorable dining experiences on offer.


Stamp images thanks to Vanuatu Post