Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mongolia 2011
Wildlife Protection 2011 - Ural Owl - Strix uralensis

2nd coin of WILDLIFE PROTECTION series.

The Ural owl (latin Strix uralensis) is a big owl with a distinctive facial disc. It lives in open lichen forests and big moorlands in the northern hemisphere. The Ural owl feeds on mice, birds and insects. Also bigger animals such as rabbits and young wood grouse hens are among their prey pattern.

The Ural owls laying season begins in March. Thereby the female lays about four eggs within two to three days. During incubation the male animal is responsible for foraging. Already one month later the young hatch. The young animals leave their nest approximately 90 days after birth. They mostly spend their life within a small radius of their place of birth. Major migrations have only been observed with a few specimens. In freedom, the Ural owl can reach an age of over 20 years.
The Ural Owl is represented by means of a sensational relief. Its eyes adorn two dark SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. It is a worthy successor of the Gulo-Gulo - the coin of the year 2008 from Mongolia.