Sunday, February 14, 2016

Finland 2016
Ice Crystal

ISSUE DATE: 22 January 2016
PHOTO: Pekka Honkakoski
 STAMP DESIGN: Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu

Thanks to printing technology, the winter stamp to be released in January features a glittering ice crystal that glimmers just like genuine ice crystals. The holographic foil printed on the foil sheet reflects all the colors of the spectrum when light hits it from different angles. The color scheme of the stamp designed by Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu is complemented by white and blue as additional colors. The Ice Crystal stamp is based on a genuine six-pointed star-like ice crystal photographed by Pekka Honkakoski. Microphotography is a brilliant medium for highlighting the unique structure and ice-sculptural beauty of the ice crystal. Honkakoski is considered to be one of the leading icw crystal photographers in the world.

Stamp image and description thanks to Posti