Monday, February 22, 2016

Mongolia 2016
Wildlife Protection 2016 - Saker Falcon

6th coin of WILDLIFE PROTECTION series.

The Saker Falcon is a raptor of open grasslands preferably with some trees or cliffs. It often hunts by horizontal pursuit, rather than the peregrine's stoop from a height, and feeds mainly on rodents and birds. In Europe, ground squirrels and feral pigeons are the most common prey items. This species usually builds no nest of its own, but lays its 3–6 eggs in an old stick nest in a tree which was previously used by other birds such as storks, ravens or buzzards.

The obverse of this beautiful silver coin presents the Bank of Mongolia emblem and inscriptions indicating the face value of the coin, the rate of silver purity and the country of issue. The mintage of the coin is limited to 2500 pieces, each made of pure .999 silver with antique finish.

As all of the other coins in this series the relief of the Saker Falcon silver coin draws attention. As much as I love this series, I have to be honest - in my opinion least successful design. Not sure about the reason - poor selection of the theme or creative crisis. Well - we can't afford to not have it in Your collection anyway. Fingers crossed for the next year!