Saturday, February 13, 2016

Australia 2016
$1 Stamp - 1966-2016 Decimal Currency Australia

ISSUE DATE: 9 February 2016
STAMP SIZE:50 x 30.5 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Melinda Coombes, Coombes Whitechurch Design

On 14 February 1966, decimal currency supplanted pounds, shillings and pence in Australia. The impact of this can hardly be overstated. Not only did it require individuals to rethink the method for everyday transactions (the three-unit system replaced by two units), but it also meant designing, producing and distributing new currency (and stamps); converting monetary machines; training banking and retail staff; and a huge public education campaign.

Designer Gordon Andrews (1914–2001) created the $1, $2, $10 and $20 notes released in 1966, as well as the $5 note, released in 1967, and the $50 note, released in 1973. His bright, bold and airy designs depict a diverse and inclusive Australia, representing Aboriginal culture, a woman other than the Queen for the first time (Caroline Chisholm on the $5 note), architecture and arts, science and industry, and Australian fauna.

Gold- and silversmith Stuart Devlin (1931–) designed the coins. Like Andrews, Devlin created superbly modern and beautifully composed designs, featuring native fauna and the Australian coat of arms. He also designed the $1 coin, which replaced the $1 note in 1984.




Stamp images and description thanks to Australia Post

Australia Post