Friday, February 26, 2016

Ireland 2016
Love & Marriage

ISSUE DATE: 11 February 2016
STAMP SIZE: 37.5 x 26 mm
CIRCULATION: 15 000 (strip of 2)
STAMP DESIGN: Design Atelier David Smith

This year’s stamp, designed by Dublin’s Atelier David Smith, is based on the theme the chain of love. The stamp features an interesting and unusual graphic design of hearts forming a chain and will be available in time for St. Valentine’s Day on 14th February.

The heart symbol we see here has been used to symbolise love for generations. Hunters reportedly scrawled the symbol on cave walls, though why they did this nobody knows. Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart epitomised life and morality while the Greeks suggested it controlled reason, thought and emotion.

The 2016 Love & Marriage stamp will be available in self-adhesive format in booklets of ten stamps and really is a lovely way to add a sense of love and affection to wedding stationery, valentine cards and romantic letters.

Stamp images and description thanks to An Post - Irish Stamps