Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Vatican 2016
51th International Eucharistic Congress

ISSUE DATE: 1 February 2016
CIRCULATION: 150 000 each
STAMP/SHEET SIZE: 30 x 40 mm / 170 x 100 mm

An International Eucharistic Congress is where a local Church community gathers around the Eucharist to celebrate, render honor, and pray in the presence of the Lord in his Eucharistic Mystery. A deeper understanding of and a stronger commitment to the Eucharistic mystery is fostered through catechetical sessions, celebrations of the Word, prayer gatherings, and plenary assemblies. This year’s congress will take place in Cebu City, the Philippines, where pilgrims from all over the world will gather offering all humanity an authentic sign of communion in Christ Jesus and oneness in faith and love. 

The theme of the 51th Eucharistic Congress is: “Christ in you, our Hope of Glory.” Taken from the Letter of St. Paul to the Colossians (1:24-29), the theme is meant to bring to fuller light the bond among the Eucharist, Mission, and Christian Hope, both in time and eternity. Today, there is a shortage of hope in the world as perhaps never before in history. Thus all people need to hear the message of our hope in Christ Jesus. This international gathering holds the promise of generating a more courageous and decisive carrying out of the Christian mission in the world and the society that are becoming more and more indifferent and hostile to the faith and to the values of the Gospel. On the 0.95 euro value, artist Gabriella Titotto depicts the Holy Child of Cebu, a statue of the infant Child Jesus going back to the 16th century and kept in the Basilica of the same name in Cebu, the Eucharistic symbols of grapes and ears of wheat, and the logo of the event. The pure white background highlights the richness of the most precious mantle of the Child Jesus. In addition to the logo, the value of 1.00 euro features the Cathedral of Cebu and a detail of the building’s cross, a cultural patrimony of the Philippines, and also a group of statues depicting various historic events involving the city from ancient to modern times.