Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Canada 2016
UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Permanent Domestic Stamps

ISSUE DATE: 11 January 2016
STAMP SIZE: 24 x 20 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Lime Design Inc.

Marvel at Canada’s rich and vibrant cultural history with this booklet of 10 permanent domestic stamps featuring five of the Canadian locations designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

From east to west, the five featured sites are the Landscape of Grand Pré and Old Town Lunenburg in Nova Scotia, the Rideau Canal in Ontario, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Alberta, and SGang Gwaay in British Columbia.

The Landscape of Grand Pré shows how early European settlers adapted to North America, and is a memorial to the Acadian way of life. Old Town Lunenburg is considered North America’s best surviving example of a planned British colonial settlement. The Rideau Canal, operational for more than 180 years, is well known for the eight locks that descend to the Ottawa River below Parliament Hill. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is a testament to thousands of years of aboriginal hunting skill and knowledge, while SGang Gwaay is a coastal village that commemorates the art and customs of the Haida.

This booklet features a pair of each of designer Lara Minja’s five stamps. The stamps have a rounded edge in the upper left corner and the Canadian flag in the lower left. The full colour images featured on these stamps were previously used on U.S.-rate and international-rate stamps released in May, 2014.

The back of the booklet is illustrated by a colour photograph of a kayaker enjoying a summertime paddle along the Rideau Canal, while circular images on the left are details of the five stamps.



Stamp images and description thanks to Canada Post