Sunday, March 27, 2016

Iceland 2016
The Icelandic Literary Society 200th Anniversary - Self-Adhesive

ISSUE DATE: 18 February 2016
STAMP SIZE: 35 x 25 mm
 STAMP DESIGN: Hlynur Ólafsson

The Icelandic Literary Society, Iceland’s oldest publishing company, was founded in 1816 and has been active ever since. It took over the role of the Icelandic Scholars’ Society which was founded in 1779 but had lapsed into inactivity when the Literary Society was founded. These societies were formally merged in 1818.
The Society‘s founding constituted a turning point as regards Icelanders’ attitude towards their own language and literature. The Society‘s main objective was restoring the independence of Icelandic culture and education with Icelanders themselves in the lead. Icelandic national culture was to be an active force in the nation’s quest for spiritual and economic progress. Immediately in its first year, the Society started publishing books and magazines which has been its main mission ever since, the first publication being Sturlunga Saga. Espolin‘s Yearbooks followed shortly, providing the nation for the first time with continuous access to its own history. 

At the same time the Society started publishing Icelandic Sagnablöð (historic papers) and then, in 1827, Skírnir which is the oldest magazine in the Nordic countries. The Society assumed a major role in preparing the ground for Icelandic independence.

Stamp images and description thanks to Iceland Post