Saturday, March 26, 2016

Philippines 2016
75th Anniversary - Tagkawayan Quezon

ISSUE DATE: 10 February 2016
STAMP SIZE: 40 x 30 mm
STAMP DESIGN: Victorino Z. Serevo

Stamp issued by Philippines Post (PHLPostreleases stamps to highlight the 75th Anniversary of Tagkawayan in the province of Quezon.

The commemorative stamps feature the town’s official seal and the panoramic view of the famous Pook Mataas na Bato beach front in the background.

The name Tagkawayan is said to have derived from the phrase “Taga-Kawayan” which during the early Spanish period was the name given to the people living in the area. These natives would tie a piece of cloth in a bamboo pole, climb the “Mataas na Bato” and make signals to invite other groups to join in the merrymaking which they locally called “Lungkasan”.

The place where they usually make signal for an invitation is called “Kawayan” and the people living there were called “Taga-Kawayan” which ultimately became “Tagkawayan”.

Established in 1941, the Municipality of Tagkawayan is an agricultural and fishing community in Quezon Province. It is the last town in the province south to the Bicol Region. 

Stamp images thanks to PHLPOST