Thursday, March 24, 2016

Poland 2016
History of Polish Photography

ISSUE DATE: 23 March 2016
CIRCULATION:180 000 each
STAMP SIZE: 43 x 31.25 mm
 PHOTO: Jan Kosidowski, Wiesław Prażuch
 STAMP DESIGN: Agata Tobolczyk

Polish Post stamps dedicated to history of photography. Two authors of the pictures used in this issue are the legends of the polish photography.

Jan Kosidowski (1922-1992)- one of the most famous photographers after World War II , he worked for several years in the weekly newspaper "Świat" (The World) , where his pictures from Poland and around the World were published. 

Wiesław Prażuch (1925-1992)  showed interest in photography form the early years. After graduation he remained faithful to this profession, working as a photojournalist in various editorial offices of the press center. In the 50s, being in a group of photographers magazine "Świat" was co-authored revolution in the field of documentary photography.

2.00 PLN - "Latem w Warszawie"  - Jan Kosidowski
2.00 PLN - "Budowa Elektrowni Cieplnej "Turów"" Wiesław Prażuch
2.50 PLN - "Aleje Jerozolimskie przy Kruczej" Jana Kosidowski
2.50 PLN - "Pochód 1-Majowy" Wiesław Prażuch



Stamp images thanks to Poczta Polska

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